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Revolutionary 4-Season Tent. Launching Soon.

The Exotent Exo-1 is the next logical step in the evolution of the tent, safely extending the camping season, and enhancing your outdoor experience.

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Announcing the Exo-1

The new Exo-1 inflatable tent guarantees a comfortable night’s sleep anywhere,
with minimal effort.

  • Do you lack the energy to pitch a traditional tent in the cold/wet/dark after a long, exhausting hike?
  • Do you ever wake up cold, uncomfortable, and full of regrets on camping trips?
  • Do you like the idea of the Great Outdoors, but find the reality does not quite match the expectation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the new Exo-1 inflatable tent may be your ideal sleep system. The Exo-1 is the ultimate convenient camping shelter that is quick and easy to pitch, and remarkably comfortable in use. It rapidly inflates to protect you from the coldest conditions, due to the insulative layer of surrounding air, and with no poles to break, keeps you safe and secure in the strongest winds. The inflatable mattress effectively smoothes out any rough ground, so you simply 'peg & pump' your way to an unsurpassed night of luxurious sleep.

Introducing the Exo-1

The Exo-1 is a robust, inflatable sleep system, designed to preserve life and provide a warm, comfortable habitat in extreme cold and wind environments. The system consists of an insulative, inflatable mattress with a waterproof, breathable, triple-skinned inflatable shell. Applications include military, humanitarian, rescue, expedition, and outdoor adventure. The Exo-1 has been redesigned as a generous two-person tent with stowage room, but can accommodate three people in emergency situations.

Operating Envelope

Conceived to sustain life at -50°C, the geometric shape gives the structure high strength, allowing it to easily withstand winds in excess of 100mph, and shed snow build-up. The inflatable walls are insulative, reducing convective and radiative heat losses. The design features flexible ventilation options, which extend the working envelope of the habitat, providing a comfortable habitat in conditions ranging from temperate autumn through to the coldest winter.

Intelligent Design

The material choices throughout are an uncompromising blend of modern hi-tech textiles, providing safety, comfort, and reliability. Design cues from the SCUBA diving industry contribute to the overall robustness of the system, as required for life-saving equipment. Redundant systems to maintain habitat integrity have been included, and most parts are field serviceable. Weight has been minimised as far as possible, without effecting safety.

In Use

Setup could not be easier:
1. Remove the Exo-1 from its inflation bag, and secure it to the ground; various options are available depending on the locale, from pegs, to ropes, to snow anchors, etc.
2. Unroll the Exo-1; secure the opposite end.
3. Attach the inflation bag to the valve and inflate; other inflation options include compressed air, battery fan pump, and oral inflation.
4. Once inflated (in 3-4 minutes at sea level), the shelter is ready for use.


The internal bladder system is modelled on medical grade inflatable products, and designed to reduce the likelihood of structural failure. Should any part of this element fail, it can be repaired using the included field service kit. The external upper shell is made of a very strong yet breathable technical textile, designed to keep the heat in, whilst allowing moisture to escape. Two storm-proof doors at opposing ends allow exit even if snow has built up overnight; they also provide greater through-ventilation in warmer climates. Noseeum mesh over all openings keeps out mosquitos. The use of air as the insulator mimics the effect of down loft but weighs considerably less.

The System

The Exo-1 has been designed to eliminate the need for a winter sleeping bag, and is a totally self-contained habitat. The system is quick to inflate, quick to deflate, and reliable in use.
Additional options include:

Extra thick groundsheet
Automated rapid inflation system
Field repair kit
Replacement bladders
Snow anchors
Avalanche radar reflectors

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